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Article  1:  The Emergent Church movement

Article  2:  The Missional Church movement

Article  3:  Communicating amidst reality

Article  4:  Attempting to define a Pentecostal hermeneutics

Article  5:  Mark's distinctive emphasis on the temple's torn curtain

Article  6:  Pastoring a Comeback Church

Article  7:  Rather Spirit-filled than learned!

Article  8:  Resilience in Ministry in a Digital Era

Article  9:  Theological training in the Apostolic Faith Mission of South Africa

Article 10:  The notion of the Holy Spirit as Paraclete from a Pentecostal perspective

Article 11:  Attempting to develop a Pentecostal theology of worship

Article 12:  Development of the theological training and hermeneutics

Article 13:  The Pentecostal Movement’s view of the continuity of tongues

Article 14:  Pentecostal talk about God: Attempting to speak from experience

Article 15:  Apostoliese tye as onherhaalbaar en uniek

Article 16:  Fundamentalism and Pentecostalism: Blood Nephews?
Article 17:  Pentecostal Hermeneutical Considerations about Women in Ministry

Article 18:  Church and war: A change in hermeneutical stance among Pentecostals

Article 19:  Teologie as wetenskap: Noodsaak van dialog

Article 20:  A distinctive Pentecostal hermeneutic: possible and/or necessary?

Article 21:  Prophecy in the Hebrew Bible

Article 22:  Profesie in die Hebreeuse Bybel

Article 23:  Pentecostal Theology as contradiction in terminis: a persective on the past and present

Article 24:  Petecostals and the pulput