AFM Pastor’s Continuous Development (PCD) credit framework for 2018

Ordained pastors need to accumulate a minimum of 50 credits per year. All emeriti are exempted from PCD.

AFM SPECIFIC EVENTS: A minimum of 10 credits per year for the actual notional hours from this category. 1 Credit per notional hour.

Regional Retreats & Training Events: 1 Credit per hour of input (notional hour). Excluding tea, lunch and leisure time. Regions to organize speakers and topics/subject matter according to their felt needs.

MIL workshops: One workshop equals 10 notional hours (10 PCD credits per workshop over 3 days).

Pastors who wish to attend the MIL workshop for PCD purposes need to pre-book with Dr. Christo v/d Berg at 082 086 6269, or at a cost that includes catering.
The MIL workshops can be presented on a Regional level for PCD purposes: Regions to arrange with Dr. Christo v/d Berg as to dates and cost.
Pastors who act as mentors to MIL students can also register credits for their attendance.

Annual National Workshops (During National Conferences & GBM’s), Regional or local seminars, workshops & short courses, presented in different Regions/ Assemblies and venues around the country by approved PCD service providers. One credit per notional hour. Excluding tea, lunch and leisure time.

Marriage Officer Test: 5 PCD credits, for passing the test, on the presentation of results.

PERSONAL STUDIES: A minimum of 10 credits per year from this category.

Reading and reporting on ministry related books corresponding with the 9 key competency areas for AFM pastors as determined by the NLF:

  1. Evangelism & Missions
  2. Pastoral Care
  3. Spiritual Leadership
  4. Personal Development
  5. Practical and liturgical Skills
  6. Management & Administration
  7. Interpersonal and relational skills
  8. Community and social involvement
  9. Theological foundation

A maximum of 2 book reports per year, 10 credits per book.


  1. The whole report should be two (2) A4 pages long.
  2. Page one of the report should be a cover page with the Pastor’s name, cell no and email address; Name of the Region & Assembly, as well as the Regional PCD coordinators name, cell no and email address. It should also include the date of the report; the name of the book; year of publication, as well as the name of the Author.
  3. You should not summarize the book.
  4. On page two, discuss:
    1. The impact of the book on your life and ministry.
    2. Your critical reflection of the book. 
    3. What challenged you personally and
    4. What you plan to do with that.
  5. Please make use of the Book Review Template that is available on the Website.
  6. The report should preferably be uploaded to the PCD website at or e-mailed to

NB: Please submit your book reports to the PCD website, or the National PCD office directly as soon as they are done, do not wait until the end of the year.

Pastors who for reasons of economics, or far traveling distances find it difficult to attend enough training events, will be allowed to submit more book reports per year. This must be arranged with the National PCD office and your Regional PCD coordinator.

DVD/Online Teaching Sessions: = 3 PCD credits per teaching session. This is subject to submission of a reflection paper, similar to point 4 of a book report.

Study Groups: This can be groups reading a book together, watching a DVD series, an online teaching, or listening to a speaker in real time, or on CD/ MP3 and then discussing the subject. (Groups can consist of AFM & non-AFM pastors/ leaders but ordained AFM pastors earn PCD credits for it.) Groups can read, listen, or watch and discuss together, but each participant must write his/her own report. The report should highlight how he/she will apply in his/her own ministry what was learned from the Group discussion. Credits will be awarded on submission of a reflection and/or discussion paper, similar to point 4 of a book report.: = 5 PCD credits per report.

Online study modules: Pastors can read articles and answer questions online on the PCD Website: and receive 2 credits per completed article.

Studies towards SAQA accredited qualifications and short courses: Pastors may register a maximum of 20 credits per year of study on the submission of results, or a progress report. Pastors will receive bonus credits on completion of the qualification. Official transcripts and certified qualification certificate/s must be submitted.

  1. Undergraduate qualifications, such as diplomas, or certificates (On presenting of official results and transcripts: 2 credits for every 10 SAQA credits completed per year.)
  2. Degree (20 credits per year of study and 5 bonus credits the year after completion.)
  3. Honors (20 credits per year of study and 10 bonus credits the year after completion.)
  4. Masters (20 credits per year of study and 15 bonus credits the year after completion.)
  5. Doctorate (20 credits per year of study and 20 bonus credits the year after completion.)

Studies towards Matric Certification. 5 PCD credits per subject passed, on submission of results.

Pastors who lead or take part in a study tour will be awarded 10 PCD credits. The study tour must be at least five days long, excluding travel time. Proof of attendance must be provided. This does not include holiday/ leisure tours.

Research for and development of seminar- or training material: Credits equal to double the nominal hours used for presenting the material will be awarded once after the material was presented for the first time. For Example 5 hours for presenting plus 5 hours for research and development = 10 PCD Credits.

PASTORS WHO HAVE DUAL EMPLOYMENT: (Teachers, Chaplains, Managers etc.) Can claim PCD credits for attending appropriate training in their field of work. 1 Credit per hour of input (notional hour). Excluding tea, lunch and leisure time.

PERSONAL LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT PLAN (PDP): Pastors receive 5 PCD credits for completing the initial development plan (Page 1 of the PDP) & 10 more credits on completion of the progress & report session/s (page 2 of the PDP) Total: =15 PCD credits, on submission of page 1 and 2.
Pastors who fulfill the role of mentor/coach for the PDP will receive 10 PCD credits on submission of page 1&2.
-Download the Personal Leadership Development Plan & report form (Page 1&2) from or request it from the national PCD office.

NON-AFM EVENTS: 1 Credit per hour of input (notional hour). Excluding tea, lunch and leisure time.

For Example Global Leadership Summit (GLS); Natural Church Development; North Point; Communitas (Stellenbosch University) and other ministry-related workshops/seminars from University Faculties, Organizations and/or individual speakers.


Books and Booklets: On presentation of a printed copy: Between 10 – 30 PCD credits depending on the complexity and volume of work.

Writing of Articles: A Maximum of two academic articles can be registered per year: It must be well referenced, at least 10 A4 pages long and proof of publication in journals, or official church publications must be provided. = 10 PCD credits per article.

MISSIONARIES AND PASTORS WORKING OUTSIDE THE BORDERS OF S.A: Will be allowed to submit four book reports per year.

They should plan their calendar in such a way that they will be able to attend an AFM specific event/s equaling to at least 5 PCD credits per year. They should also attend events/training in their field of ministry equaling to at least 5 PCD credits per year. Pastors working outside the borders of S.A. may send their completed PCD credit Register directly to the National PCD office at

All Book reports can be uploaded on the PCD website at or send to the National PCD office directly at

Please send book reviews in as soon as they are done, do not wait till the end of the year.

A PCD compliance certificate for the 2015 -2018 PCD cycle will be provided to pastors via their Regions, 6 months prior to the due date of Pastoral status renewal.




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