Approved Service Providers

What is a Service Provider?
A Service Provider is any person, assembly or organization whose training and/or seminars are approved by PCD and will own a PCD registration number.

U- Wizz Training co pty

Antoinette Struwig

Keirsey Personality evaluation, Compassion Satisfaction, Burnout and Fatigue, Supporting the Bereaved and the Traumatized

Activity Nr: PCD001/30/06/2018 10 PCD Credits – Non AFM Event

Contact: 082 545 1453

Spirit Wind

Stephan Bosman

Pastoral care ministry Activity Nr: PCD002/31/10/2022

8 PCD Credits – AFM Event

Contact: 084 751 6135 / 011 972 0041

Die Plan

Ensie Enslin

We are the Plan and Me and God’s plan Activity Nr: PCD003/31/10/2022

10 PCD Credits – Non-AFM Event

Contact: 079 522 9680


Thabo van Wyk

Teach the Nation

Activity Nr: PCD004/31/10/2022
10 PCD Credits – Non AFM Event

Contact: 082 653 8916 / 031 904 1274

Onder U Wizz

Activity Nr: PCD001/30/06/2018

Supporting families with an alcohol problem – 5 PCD Credits Mentoring Program

10 PCD Credits – Non AFM Event

Contact: 082 545 1453

Willow Creek Association of SA

 Activity Nr: PCD006/31/10/2022

10 CD Credits – Non AFM Event Contact: 012 665 4688


Christian Counsellor

Dr. GJJ van Veuren

Activity Nr: PCD005/30/06/2022

1 PCD Credit per notional hour – AFM Event Contact: 086 5101808

KAM (Kingdom Advancement Ministries

Lee Smith

Leadership equipping for evangelism and disciple making.

Activity Nr: PCD007/01/10/2018 15 PCD Credits – Non AFM Event

Contact: 084 376 5501

Kobus van Zyl

AFM Event – 1 credit per notional hour

Relevant Preaching

The nature of Church leadership

 Ministry of the Holy Spirit in a modern society Qualities of a Leader Leadership Lessons: The Character of Christ Activity Nr: PCD008/01/12/2018

Contact: 083 297 3827


STS Consulting

Werner Strauss AFM Event – 1 Credit per notional hour

Foundational Leadership Mentoring and Coaching program (FLMCP)

Activity Nr: PCD009/01/12/2018 Contact: 079 498 5292


Werner Strauss

AFM Event – 1 Credit per notional hour

Resilience Seminar Authentic Leadership

XLA Trac: Personal Leadership, Coaching Leadership, Team

Leadership and Strategic Leadership Activity Nr: PCD010/01/12/2018

Contact: 079 498 5292

Practical Ministry Empowerment

Dr. Vincent Atterbury

Workshop includes: Church Leadership, Managing Ministry Hurt, Managing

Criticism in Ministry, Change Management, Prevent Ministry Burnout.

Activity Nr: PCD011/30/11/2022
1 PCD Credit for 1 Notional Hour. AFM Event

Contact: 083 266 2864

City Changers Institute

Sanet Barnard – Leadership investment

Rog. Gov. Planning, Resilience and work / life integration.

Activity Nr: 
1 PCD Credit for 1 Notional Hour. NON AFM Event

Contact: 082 443 9350

Moreleta Park Association (MPA) 

Dr. Dirkie van der Spuy

Empower and uplift assembly leaders and pastors of all churches, prayer, care groups, conflict management, Brokenness.

15 PCD Credits.

Acticity Nr: PCD012/01/03/2018

NON AFM Event.

Contact: 012 997 8002

In conversation with the Pastor

Dr. Herman Meyer

Correspondence course in the convenience of the pastors study


Activity Nr: PCD016/01/08/2018

Personal Studies – 20 Credits on completion of the course. Contact details: / 072 5678386

Trauma Counselor

Yvonne Retief

Activity Nr: PCD017/01/07/2018.

NON AFM Event – 1 Credit per actual nominal hour. Contact: 072 207 7017

Kobus van Zyl

Management of change, leadership and management, and marriage enrichment

courses. Nr: PCD018/01/12/2020.

AFM event. Activity – 1 PCD credit for 1 hour of nominal input

Contact: 083 297 3827

LEAD (Leadership enrichment and development)

Willie Botha – Million leader mandate of John Maxwell.

Activity Nr: PCD019/01/12/2020.

AFM Event. – 1 PCD credit for 1 hour of nominal input Contact: 082 445 1408 / 031 903 3060

Daniel Andrews

Basic leadership development training based on the material of John Maxwell and Bill Hybels.

Activity Nr: PCD020/01/12/2020.

AFM Event. – 5 PCD credits for the 5 Hours of the Workshop Contact: 072 123 3238

Ingrid Kjonstad

Bible Centred Ministries

In step with the master To train leaders to effectively train and empower others.

Activity Nr: PCD022/19/07/2021.

Non AFM Event – 1 PCD credit for 1 hour of nominal input. Contact Nr: (039) 685 4793

Mike Effanga

Worldwide Gospel Ministries – Kingdom realignment. Activity Nr: PCD023/20/10/2021.

Non AFM event. – 1 PCD credit for 1 hour of nominal input. Contact Nr: 073 615 3016

Rev Louis Hough

Traumatic Incident Reduction Activity Nr: PCD024/14/02/2022

Non AFM Event – 1 PCD credit for 1 hour of nominal input Contact Nr: 082 772 5559

Care for the Caregiver

Activity Nr: PCD026/01/11/2022
Contact Person: John Gertse 066 322 9800
1 credit per 1 notional hour
AFM Event

Prof Wentzel Coetzer

Ontwikkeling van emosionele intelligensie (kursus net in Afrikaans)
Activity Nr: PCD 027/01/06/2023 
Contact: 083 6600 409
Non AFM Event

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